Different Types of Alcohol

16 Feb What Do You Mean I Can Never Drink Again?

When you have had one too many disastrous experiences under the influence of alcohol, you realize that it’s time to stop drinking. You may talk to people who are in recovery and realize that the cornerstone of Alcoholics Anonymous is abstinence. You panic. You probably don’t want to stop drinking permanently. You just want to learn how to control your drinking.
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Sorority and Fraternity Parties

23 Jun Drink Until You Drop: The Perils of Attending Fraternity, Sorority Parties

Fraternities and sororities are central to the social life on many college campuses. They offer a stamp of approval for those chosen as members and a sense of pride for parents of students who are accepted into their ranks. They present opportunities to be of service and teach valuable leadership skills as well as promoting team-building. Those who have entered into their ranks have shared that they feel like they are with people who have become “family of choice,” with whom they can network long after their college years have ended.
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