10 Jul Gov. Christie Slams War on Drugs, Advocates for Addiction Treatment

One of the worst-kept secrets in politics is that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is contemplating a run at the White House in 2016. As a Republican, he will need to shore up his conservative credentials if he expects to have a shot at the nomination, and some have already noticed a rightward shift in his public statements and proposed policy initiatives. This could be opportunism or could represent a legitimate shift in his positions, but it is certainly politics as usual and a surprise to absolutely no one.
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4 Reasons to Consider a Sober Living House After Rehab

23 Jun 4 Reasons to Consider a Sober Living House After Rehab

Life after rehab is hard, and making the transition into so-called normal life leads many recovering addicts to relapse. To make the transition easier, some people choose sober living facilities for a period of time after rehab. Also sometimes called a halfway house, a sober living home (SLH) is a place where you can get back on your feet after rehab in a supportive and, most importantly, sober environment. 
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How Will Maryland Cut Rising Heroin Overdoses?

13 Jun How Will Maryland Cut Rising Heroin Overdoses?

In Maryland, more people died of heroin overdose than murders and traffic crashes, historically the biggest killer. New governor Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr., who lost his first cousin to heroin overdose, has created an emergency task force that will confront the mounting problem of heroin. The team will be led by Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford.
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21 May 4 Negative Emotions That Can Hurt Your Sobriety

As an active addict or alcoholic, you avoided experiencing a lot of emotions. You found that you were much more comfortable if you felt numb. In sobriety, you find that sooner or later you have to feel your feelings. You have to face things that make you uncomfortable, and you have to experience emotions without picking up a drink or a drug.
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30 Jan Chronic Marijuana Use Shrinks Brain, Study Finds

The brains of habitual marijuana users grow smaller over time, particularly in an area that influences the odds that they will get addicted, a new study finds. Marijuana is an increasingly popular mind-altering drug used for both recreational and limited medicinal purposes. Researchers have known for some time that habitual consumption of this drug can trigger significant changes in brain function, including the onset of marijuana/cannabis addiction. In a study published in November 2014 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team of American researchers examined the long-term impact that habitual marijuana intake can have on the brain’s structure.
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20 Jan The Dangers of Going Home After Rehab

After spending months or years revolving your life around drinking and drugging, spending time in a rehabilitation facility has helped you get a fresh start. You are probably beginning to understand the nature of alcoholism and addiction. Treatment has separated you from your drug of choice and allowed you to start to get used to living without it. But sooner or later, reality sets in and you have to leave the safe environment of a rehabilitation facility. If you are like many people who are newly sober, you may find that home is one of the most dangerous environments you have to face. Once you’re home, the risk of falling back into old behaviors and patterns is pretty high.
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