19 Dec 5 Dangerous Side Effects of Molly

5 Dangerous Side Effects of MollyIf you haven’t heard of Molly, you have probably heard of her alternate names: ecstasy and MDMA. MDMA is a chemical substance that is the main ingredient in the party drug ecstasy. In recent years ecstasy dealers have come up with a new name, Molly, and have tried to market it as a more pure and safer form of ecstasy. Molly is no purer or safer than any drug, and in fact, the side effects of Molly can be extremely dangerous. One of the reasons it is so risky to take Molly is that you may think you are taking a drug that is safe. This may lead you to take larger doses and to take fewer precautions. Understand the risks before you consider trying this dangerous drug.
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12 Dec Your Teen May be Using Drugs

Your Teen May be Using DrugsDo you know if your teen is experimenting with drugs? If you confidently answer that question in the affirmative and declare that there is no way your teen would ever use drugs, you may want to think again. Teenage drug use statistics demonstrate that no teen is immune to the lure of substance abuse and that you can’t make assumptions. Whether your child is a star athlete, an honor roll student, involved in numerous extra-curricular activities or just a good kid generally, he could be experimenting with drugs. Learn the facts and then have a talk with your teen.
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05 Dec Teens and Smoking

Teens and SmokingSmoking is a bad habit that negatively impacts health in a variety of ways. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are a concern for people of all ages, for individuals and also for public health. Teenage drug abuse statistics show that teens are smoking cigarettes less than they used to, but they are smoking marijuana more often. All parents should be aware of the risks associated with smoking both pot and cigarettes and should strive to prevent use in their children.
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27 Nov Why Prescription Sharing can have Deadly Consequences for Teens

 Prescription drugs are among the most commonly abused substances by teens, and many get them from their friends and peers. Teens often fail to recognize the dangers of abusing prescriptions. They falsely assume that because they are prescribed by a doctor, these medications are safe or at least safer than illegal drugs. In reality, it is never safe to abuse a prescription drug, and taking a medication that was prescribed to a friend constitutes abuse. The consequences of doing this are serious and devastating.
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20 Nov How to Talk to Teens about Adderall Abuse

Talking to Your Teen About Adderall AbuseAdderall and other medications for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are stimulants and prescription-only, controlled substances. Because of certain effects that these drugs produce, they are susceptible to abuse. A lot of kids are prescribed Adderall, which means that there are a lot of pills floating around. Teens are abusing Adderall, and the consequences can be serious. Learn the facts about Adderall abuse and talk to your kids about the dangers and why they need to say no to misusing prescriptions.
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Which Comes First, the Substance or the Addiction?

13 Oct Which Comes First, the Substance or the Addiction?

Substances themselves aren’t addictive, Gabor Maté, MD, said in his bestselling book In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts. “In the final analysis,” he wrote, “it’s not the activity or object that defines the addiction, but our relationship to whatever is the external focus of our attention or behavior.”
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