Sorority and Fraternity Parties

23 Jun Drink Until You Drop: The Perils of Attending Fraternity, Sorority Parties

Fraternities and sororities are central to the social life on many college campuses. They offer a stamp of approval for those chosen as members and a sense of pride for parents of students who are accepted into their ranks. They present opportunities to be of service and teach valuable leadership skills as well as promoting team-building. Those who have entered into their ranks have shared that they feel like they are with people who have become “family of choice,” with whom they can network long after their college years have ended.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group

31 May Blending Psychodrama and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Treat Addiction

A new twist on cognitive behavioral therapy is gaining traction in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. It uses techniques from psychodrama, an experiential role play therapy, layered over the research-based favorite, cognitive behavioral therapy. Although this combination is not officially recognized as a distinct form of therapy, it’s being used by some leading-edge therapists to successfully treat addiction and mental health disorders.
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prescription pills

25 Apr How Prescription Abusers Become Heroin Addicts

Heroin use among rural and suburban populations is on the rise, and prescription painkillers are to blame. For decades, heroin use was mostly restricted to a certain demographic. Most heroin addicts were young men. They started using as teens and they came from low-income, often inner city neighborhoods. Now the typical heroin user starts in his early 20s, lives in the suburbs and started out abusing drugs prescribed to him by his doctor.
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teen addict

15 Apr How Prescription Drug-Abusing Teens Become Heroin Addicts

After marijuana, prescriptions are the most commonly abused drugs by American teenagers, and this habit is turning our youth into heroin addicts. Narcotic painkillers, potent drugs that bring relief to people with real and chronic pain, are the No. 1 choice of teens who abuse prescription drugs. However, restricted access and the increased cost of painkillers have turned teenagers into heroin addicts in record numbers.
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prescription drug abuse deaths

08 Apr Prescription Drugs Cause More Overdose Deaths Than Heroin and Cocaine Combined

With the prescription drug abuse epidemic still in full force, it might not come as a surprise that the latest statistics show that prescription drugs cause more overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined. The problem of prescription drug abuse has been growing since the 1990s, and in 2013, of the 43,982 deaths caused by drug overdose, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that 51.8 percent—22,767 people—died from prescription drug abuse. The fact that two illicit drugs often seen as causing the biggest problems in the country—heroin and cocaine—lead to fewer overdose deaths than the pills prescribed by doctors underlines the severity of the prescription drug epidemic.
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