New Jersey and Heroin Addiction

18 Jul Horrors of Heroin Plague Garden State

New Jersey is referred to as the Garden State, home of rock icons Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, the Miss America Pageant, Atlantic City casinos and sadly, heroin addiction. According to the Community Foundation of New Jersey, “since 2010, heroin has become the most commonly cited drug for emergency department and drug treatment admissions in New Jersey.” Although the prevailing thought is that addiction is an urban problem, it resides right along with people who live on tree-lined streets in upper class suburbs. Newark airport and shipping ports allow for easy access to drug traffickers.
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Drug and Alcohol Test

05 Jul The Case for Student Drug Testing

Some people see drug testing of high school students as an invasion of privacy, while others see it as a smart prevention technique. When considering the question of should high school athletes be drug tested, the law is on the side of proponents. For those who believe that any strategy that helps prevent the devastation or drug abuse and addiction in young people should be used, drug testing in schools is a no-brainer.
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Sorority and Fraternity Parties

23 Jun Drink Until You Drop: The Perils of Attending Fraternity, Sorority Parties

Fraternities and sororities are central to the social life on many college campuses. They offer a stamp of approval for those chosen as members and a sense of pride for parents of students who are accepted into their ranks. They present opportunities to be of service and teach valuable leadership skills as well as promoting team-building. Those who have entered into their ranks have shared that they feel like they are with people who have become “family of choice,” with whom they can network long after their college years have ended.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group

31 May Blending Psychodrama and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Treat Addiction

A new twist on cognitive behavioral therapy is gaining traction in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. It uses techniques from psychodrama, an experiential role play therapy, layered over the research-based favorite, cognitive behavioral therapy. Although this combination is not officially recognized as a distinct form of therapy, it’s being used by some leading-edge therapists to successfully treat addiction and mental health disorders.
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