Different Types of Alcohol

16 Feb What Do You Mean I Can Never Drink Again?

When you have had one too many disastrous experiences under the influence of alcohol, you realize that it’s time to stop drinking. You may talk to people who are in recovery and realize that the cornerstone of Alcoholics Anonymous is abstinence. You panic. You probably don’t want to stop drinking permanently. You just want to learn how to control your drinking.
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Life Skills Training

12 Jan Life Skills Training Helps Addicted Young Adults With Failure to Launch

By Jennifer Maguire, MA, MS, LPC, ACS, CCS Clinical Director and Executive Director, Promises New Jersey

Failure to launch – the phenomenon of young adults being unable to leave home and support themselves in adult life – continues to grow, alongside the epidemic of opioid addiction among young adults. This is the population we specialize in treating at Promises New Jersey.

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Family Recovery and Relapse

06 Oct What Role Does Family Play in Drug Relapse?

When people leave a drug rehab center, they’re prepared to face dozens of well-known relapse triggers — old drug-abusing friends, stress, anger, boredom, and poor nutrition and sleep, to name a few. What they may not be on the lookout for is their relationship with their family. Yet many addiction specialists agree that family dynamics can reinforce substance abuse and increase the risk of drug relapse. Here are a few reasons why.
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Opioid Overdose and Heroin

14 Sep 28 States See Heroin Death Rates Double in Two Years

The prescription drug abuse epidemic has many consequences, and alongside more people switching from opioid medicines like OxyContin to heroin, a new report has shown more people are dying from heroin overdoses. According to the CDC, deaths from prescription painkillers quadrupled between 1999 and 2010, but during this time, heroin overdose deaths only increased by less than half. However, since 2010 there have been many reports of increases in heroin overdose deaths in specific cities and states. The new report investigated these concerns and ultimately found that the number of heroin overdose deaths across the country has doubled in just two years.
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Music Festivals and Substance Abuse

29 Aug Could ‘Amnesty Boxes’ Help Curb Music Festival Drug Overdoses?

Much ado was made about nothing this summer when a video surfaced online of Malia Obama *maybe* smoking a joint at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. While there are legal and health consequences for marijuana smokers, it’s hard to imagine the media being interested in the video if the young woman didn’t have the last name Obama. While Twitter was ablaze with comments about Malia, there were more serious issues at play.
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