Opiate Addiction Treatment

With the explosion in prescription painkiller abuse and many people turning to cheaper and more readily available heroin, addiction rates and overdose deaths have climbed in New Jersey and nationwide. We’ve responded to the pressing need for painkiller and heroin treatment by creating a specialized opiate addiction treatment track. Call 844-299-7326 to learn more.

A Personalized, Engaging Treatment Approach

Our treatment approach focuses on the underlying issues that lead to addiction and developing healthier ways to cope without using heroin and other opiates.

We keep treatment engaging and relevant. Following each treatment day, our clinical team meets and brainstorms about what kinds of groups are most appropriate for the next day. Treatment is continually tailored to the specific needs and issues that arise within the current treatment community. Speak Confidentially with a Promises New Jersey Recovery Advisor at 844-299-7326

Components of our opiate addiction treatment track include:

  • Opiate-focused groups twice weekly
  • Vivitrol assessment, medication and follow-up
  • Opiate-specific psychoeducation groups, as well as non-opiate-specific groups to reduce the stigma associated with heroin use
  • Gender-specific groups
  • Traditional, alternative and experiential therapies
  • Fitness
  • Social learning model that integrates clients from other programs at times, creating an engaging group dynamic
  • Weekly group facilitated with psycho-education, some with medical staff, to address STI/STDs, IV drug use and nutrition
  • Themed weeks addressing family dynamics, relapse prevention, shame, communications, relationships and life skills
  • Psychodynamic experiential cognitive behavioral therapy, which is our unique style of group therapy. No two groups are alike and topics are based around and build upon issues and themes that arise from the previous day.
  • Strong family component that includes regular updates with our therapist, family group therapy, psychoeducation on addiction, and individual family therapy as needed and clinically appropriate
  • Daily attendance at 12-step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous
  • Motivational speakers who are former Promises New Jersey clients

Recovery for the Real World

Learning recovery skills and developing healthy hobbies are critical in preventing relapse. We prepare you to succeed in recovery by helping you acquire life skills and experience social activities while sober.  You’ll cook meals and participate in chores. Nearby sober-living facilities offer opportunities to engage in fun, sober outings such as going to the movies, visiting the boardwalk, and fishing, bowling and going to the beach. You’ll learn that recovery can be fun and fulfilling, and you will be introduced to drug-free activities that can carry over to life after treatment. Call 844-299-7326 to learn more.

Smooth Transition After Treatment

We provide comprehensive aftercare planning tailored to your needs. Our aftercare coordinator works with you and your loved ones throughout treatment to prepare you emotionally and logistically for life after intensive drug rehab. Following our day treatment opiate addiction program, you may continue treatment in our other outpatient programs. Our aftercare coordinator can also work with you to help you stay in your current living situation or find a new sober-living environment.

Drugs took your life away. We’ll help you get it back. Call us for a free, confidential consultation: 844-299-7326

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