Referral to Drug Detox

For some, the first step in addiction treatment is medically monitored drug or alcohol detox. We can help ensure that this process is as safe, comfortable and effective as possible.

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We offer a full continuum of addiction treatment services that includes:

  • Thorough assessments and screenings
  • Referrals to medically monitored detox services as needed, including:
    • Opiate detox
    • Suboxone detox
    • Heroin detox
    • Cocaine detox
    • Alcohol detox
    • Methamphetamine detox
    • Hallucinogen and marijuana detox
  • Partial care and outpatient treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders
  • Aftercare planning

Why Medically Monitored Drug Detox Is Important

Completing detox under the care of medical professionals is critical to a safe, comfortable recovery experience. Depending on the substance abused, amount of time it’s been used and your physical make-up, withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. Speak Confidentially with a Promises New Jersey Recovery Advisor at 844-299-7326

In medical drug and alcohol detox, specially trained staff oversees and cares for you around the clock, attending to any discomfort. They monitor vital signs and administer evidence-based medications to ease withdrawal symptoms as appropriate.

Get Drug Detox Services Now

We can help you find high-quality drug or alcohol detox services for you or a loved one, even before you admit to Promises New Jersey drug rehab if necessary. For a confidential consultation, contact us at 844-299-7326.

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