Addiction & Trauma Treatment

Many people who suffer from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders have a history of trauma. Promises New Jersey  drug rehab center offers specialized, gender-specific treatment for trauma issues that may be standing in the way of sobriety. Speak Confidentially with a Promises New Jersey Recovery Advisor at 844-299-7326

What Is Trauma?

Trauma can take many forms. Physical or emotional abuse, combat, death of a loved one, an accident or physical injury, serious illness, a natural disaster or catastrophic event are all forms of trauma that can have a lasting impact. But sometimes trauma is much less obvious. Social hurts, family rejection or discrimination of various kinds, for example, also can be traumatic. Anything that occurs in your life that you find extremely painful or hurtful and have trouble moving beyond can be considered trauma. Call 844-299-7326 to learn more.

Symptoms of Trauma

Symptoms of trauma can range from temporary anxiety to profound psychological distress. If left untreated, trauma can cause a range of symptoms, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dissociative disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Physical pain and ailments
  • Substance abuse
  • Sexual addictions
  • Eating disorders

Symptoms can appear immediately after the stressor occurred or years later.

Trauma-Informed Treatment

Our team is dedicated to finding the appropriate trauma therapy for your specific needs and issues. Our trauma groups are intentionally small. This gives you the emotional support and attention needed to create a safe, emotional space to grow and recover. Groups are also gender-separate because many individuals struggling with trauma feel more comfortable discussing personal issues and fears in a same-gender environment.

Led by a therapist with specialized training and experience in the treatment of trauma, weekly sessions are designed to help you better understand the connection between addiction and trauma and how trauma influences emotions and thinking patterns. We provide you the education and tools for processing and overcoming these patterns. Call 844-299-7326 to learn more.

Our trauma program includes:

  • Evidence-based cognitive behavioral strategies
  • Mindfulness and meditation exercises
  • Grounding exercises, which provide practical tools for managing intense emotion
  • Inner child work to help heal deep wounds and needs not met from childhood
  • Education on the connection between addiction and trauma
  • Normalizing approaches, which help validate traumatic experiences and encourage forward thinking
  • Post-treatment referral to a trauma-focused individual therapist
  • Aftercare planning

At Promises New Jersey  treatment center, we help you understand the role that trauma plays in substance abuse in order to better address the addiction. Treatment for trauma is just one way that we are committed to ensuring that when you leave, you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to manage your journey toward lasting addiction recovery.

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