About Promises New Jersey

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Promises New Jersey addiction rehab provides individualized, clinically sophisticated care to people struggling with alcohol and drug abuse as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. We view addiction as a secondary symptom to a broken spirit. Our approach is to heal the wounds of addiction through human connection and treatment that addresses all the aspects of your life that have been impacted by substance abuse. You’ll explore the underlying issues that contribute to destructive coping mechanisms and develop recovery skills that nourish your physical, mental and emotional health. Call 844-299-7326 to learn more.

Engaging Treatment Approach

You won’t just learn about addiction recovery, you’ll live it. No two days or group sessions are alike. Treatment includes a variety of traditional and experiential therapies including gender-specific groups, cognitive behavioral therapies, trauma-informed care, psychodrama and psychoeducation. Groups are driven by clinical need where you choose the type of group you want to attend. Our clinical staff meets daily to brainstorm unique approaches based on the issues and dynamics that arise in the current treatment community. Our creative, welcoming environment helps you uncover your resiliency and learn healthy skills to navigate life’s challenges without drugs and alcohol.

Expert Medical and Psychological Care

Our team has successfully treated even the most difficult addiction cases.  We provide expert medication management (including Vivitrol and psychiatric medications as appropriate) in conjunction with behavioral therapy that promotes long-term recovery.

Healing for the Whole Family

Promises New Jersey addiction rehab offers a strong family component that incorporates your family and/or support system into treatment. Primary therapists maintain contact with loved ones via weekly clinical updates. In addition, you and your family or support system are offered a unique family session tailored to your specific situation. Call 844-299-7326 to learn more.

Varying Levels of Care

We meet you where you are, helping you get treatment that best fits your needs and life. Whether you require a referral to medical detox, intensive day treatment, outpatient services and/or recommendations for sober-living housing, we’ll help you get the expert care needed to take back your life from addiction.

There’s a better life beyond addiction. We’ll help you get there.
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